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How to Get Guaranteed Payday Loans from Direct Lenders?

Direct contact between the customer and the lender is the part of responsible lending and also is the basis of the loan product guaranteed payday loans direct lenders. Under the process of this loan borrowers are in direct contact with the lenders so that they can know the bits and bytes of the products and the pros and cons as well.

Guaranteed pay day loans direct lenders, are the loan product falling under the category of the short term loans. As other payday loans no refusals these are granted for period of a month only and this period of one month is known as the repayment period. The repayment period is the cooling period in which the loan amount should be repaid because failing to repay the loan at the time can lead to some legal proceedings as well.

Apart from the legal proceedings the key matter is the loss or profit of the borrower and people failing to repay the loan at time may go under loss. The loss occurs due to the higher APRs and customer has to bear that loss he is not provided with any option of levying this loss.

Being short term loans a large amount is not granted instead a loan amount ranging from £80 up to £1000 is easily availed to the borrowers. We are having the simple most lending conditions that include the citizenship of UK , applicant must fall under the category of adults, applicant should have the bank account and also he should be capable of affording guaranteed payday loans direct lenders and this affording capacity is measured by the salary of the applicant.

We are the leading lenders in the market due to our working policy and our concerns about the requirements and comfort of the borrower because the borrower is new to finance so it is us who has to take care of his security (by securing his/her personal information) throughout the loan process.