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Representative 1734% APR
Representative APR Example: Borrow 200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is 50. Interest is fixed at a rate of 50 per 200 loan (326% per annum). The Total Repayable is 250.

How It Works

Guaranteedloanshere.co.uk is a leading loan provider organization that works on the non-profit policy. The non-profit policy of ours let us secure our place in the market as well as in the heart of our customers.

We are one of the largest panels working in the market of finance and provide best solutions in the form of short term loans, payday loans to the borrowers with financial hassles.

A payday or the short term loans avails you in meeting the sudden and necessary expenses. These short term loans and the payday loans should not be taken as long term processes because they incurs the higher rates of interest and it may be possible that the borrower may face bad consequences of making it long term.

For these loans no purpose definition is required by the lender i.e. they can be use for any purpose.

Short term loans and payday loans are very easy to avail just a simple online application form hardly taking one minute of the borrower and then the verification. After successful verification the loan is granted and the loan amount is transferred in to the account of the applicant.

To get an overall idea of the process it can be divided into three main steps:

1. APPLY: Application procedure is completed online itself. The application procedure includes an online application form submission after successful submission if the applicant meets all the criteria then is informed via email or call to present the documents in the soft copies.

2. CONFIRM: After submission of the documents the applicant is informed that whether his/her loan application is confirmed or not. If confirmed then the loan is granted is to him/her.

3. RECEIVE: As the loan is granted to the borrower the amount is transferred in to his/her account on the same day or the next business day.